East Coast Trails

The coast of the Avalon Peninsula is lined with scenic East Coast Trails showing some of Newfoundland's most impressive coastal beauty. There is an trail suitable for everyone, regardless of your experience in hiking, ranging from easy to very difficult. The Website provides a lot of information on the trails and even lets you narrow down your options depending on the range of difficulty you are interested in. Some of our favourites include Mickeleens path, which show cases the coasts of Witless Bay and is also the closest trail to our cottages, only minutes away from both. Another favourite path is the La Manche Village Path with takes you into the La Manche village showing the remnants of an old settlement devastated by a tsunami in 1929 and a newly constructed 50meter suspension bridge.


Kayaking is a great way to see the beautiful scenery that cannot be seen on land, including coastline pieced with caves and an up close look at icebergs and marine life. There are a couple guided tour companies along the Avalon that provide you with everything you need to take on the energetic waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Spear

Cape Spear is the most eastern point of North America, and when you come this far east in Canada you should really go all the way to the edge. Cape Spear is home to one of the many light houses along Newfoundlands coast, constructed in 1836 and is now a National Historic Site and holds retired bunkers from WWII soldiers seeking shelter from German U-boats.

Bird and Whale Watching Tours

The waters surrounding Newfoundland are rich with Seabirds, fish and marine mammals. There are many tour companies around the Witless Bay and surrounding area that offer up close views to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve where seabirds are a guaranteed sighting, including the Atlantic Puffins. In addition to the seabirds other common sightings include the many species of whales, the most common being Humpback, dolphins, and even Icebergs. These sightings are never guaranteed but are more likely in peak seasons, more information about peak seasons can be found on the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism website.

O'Brien's Boat Tours is Trip Advisor's #1 rated outdoor activity in Newfoundland and is only a few minutes drive from our cottages, we highly recommend booking with them in advance.

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

The Witless Bay Ecological Reserve is a series of four Island just off the coast of Newfoundland, situated near the shore line of Witless Bay. The islands are home to millions of seabirds and home to the largest Atlantic Puffin colony in North America with more that 500,000 returning to the island each spring.